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It???s more than just a mugshot!


Passport photos are now a high tech identification device.


New security measures with passports mean that the biometric data from your passport photo is used as part of the high security system that is your new passport.


Photos need to be taken within very specific limits and to exact specifications to ensure they are suitable for the purpose.


At Snap Photo, we know the standards and we ensure the photos meet them. If they are not approved, we will happily retake them.


You also need to remember that photo specifications and sizes are different for many different countries.


For example, Australian passport photos are different to UK passport photos which are different to Dutch photos which are different to Canadian photos... and so it goes on.


You do not need to make an appointment for your photo - just come on into the store and we will look after it all. If you do have specific instructions or paperwork, please bring it with you for us to confirm exactly what you need.


Traveling Abroad

Let the experienced staff at Snap Photo capture your passport/ID photo-we???ll have it ready for you in minutes!


Snap Photo???s passport photo services will guarantee that your photo will meet government standards for passports and/or immigration cards. Our ID photos are perfect for passports, immigration cards, student IDs, employee badges, and many other customized identity cards. Rely on the photo staff at Snap Photo for perfectly sized, professional-quality passport photos-on the exact paper required by government regulations!


Standard US Passport (Includes 2 prints)



International Passport (Includes 2 prints)



Don???t have time to wait at the post office?

Download your passport registration or renewal application now!


NOTE: Snap Photo is not an acceptance facility for passport applications; we do not issue passports. Instructions for submittal may be found on the application; for submittal of your photo and application to the U.S. Department of State.




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